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Casey-Cardinia Libraries Present “Get Motivated And Inspired” With Ryan Gomez

“Breakthrough To Excellence” Event
June 29, 2018
“Presentation Skills” Workshop on 22nd April 2017
July 1, 2018

Come and meet Ryan Gomez, Motivational Speaker, Author, Casey radio regular and Public Speaking Coach.

H is book "It's Never Too Late", is an amazing story triumph, overcoming insurmountable odds and tremendous hardships...

It’s Never Too Late is a One Man’s Journey Of Self-Discovery. We are each born into mortality with an utter dependence on our parents, or others, for our security, nourishment, and direction. For some, these basic needs can prove illusive, giving way to abuse, abandonment, and a lack of the necessities of life: food, shelter, clothing, and love. This book is one man's story of self-improvement, as a result of overcoming insurmountable odds and tremendous hardships. Through his eyes see the world from the perspective of a child, relinquished to a boarding school and left to fend for himself. Anxiety, depression, and a sense of helplessness ensnare him, edging the troubled young man ever closer to suicide. Reaching adulthood, his life as a ‘nobody’ appears to be inescapable, forcing him into one sad failure after another...until he discovers his self-worth.


Captured in the pages of this unique book Ryan Gomez bares his soul, and shares his quiet moments of desperation and his triumphant realization that life has not passed him by. Through a strategic course of self-improvement he grasps his innate abilities and rises from despair and poverty to unimagined success.

Follow his journey and learn his secrets in this two-part odyssey. Part one retells his heartrending story and part two brings to light his struggle to overcome and embrace a new future. Learn to manage your own life, utilizing contemplation, determination, and commitment. Self-development is a must on the road to success...focus your energies now to open doors of opportunity, and begin by reading this life-changing book.

Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez is a Leadership & Communication Expert, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Author & Public Speaking Coach. He firmly believes "It's not the circumstances that defines the person you become but rather the choices you make."

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