“Breakthrough To Excellence Seminar”

“Presentation Skills” Masterclass
September 15, 2017

Leadership – Sales – Public Speaking

Gain all 3 business skills in a half-day action packed seminar!!

FREE bonus- leadership and sales essentials to complement your public speaking skills.

They’re so connected aren’t they. When you think about Leadership and selling then speaking with confidence is just a given right?

That’s why I have the privilege and honour to introduce Robin Daubney to inspire us on Leadership and Sales.

Just in case you were wondering who Robin is?

Robin has been one of the top motivational speakers in Australia, speaking along side with the likes of Sir Richard Brandon, Sugar Ray, Colin Powell, just to name a few top leaders & champions globally.


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To your success

Ryan Gomez

Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez
Ryan Gomez is a Leadership & Communication Expert, Award Winning Motivational Speaker, Author & Public Speaking Coach. He firmly believes "It's not the circumstances that defines the person you become but rather the choices you make."

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