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Ryan is an exceptional Motivational Speaker, Public Speaking Coach and Inspirational Author. He is available to speak at events across Australia & Asia.

Listen to, and watch him inspire and enthral an audience with his personal and heart-warming story, is to be in the presence of a master storyteller. With over 8 years of experience in leadership, Ryan is the best speaker in Melbourne when it comes to providing motivational, entertaining, and inspirational presentations to your audience. Give yourself and your business the edge with motivated teams and inspiring leaders by having Ryan Gomez as your next event and watch him take your teams and company leaders to the next level.


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With over 8 years of experience, Ryan Gomez provides motivational keynotes, seminars, and workshops. Blending wit and wisdom, Ryan Gomez captivates his listeners and helps them transform their jobs, Careers, Passion from mere pensions & take people through a transformational change.


  • Ryan Gomez defines the title - motivational & leadership speaker - with his powerful presence and passion filled speech. I was lucky to watch him live in Thailand, where I felt that his message filled me with a new drive to achieve my goals. Highly suggested for an impactful presentation.
    Vasilis Stergiou
    Top Marketing & Business Consultant in Thailand
  • Again I had the chance to sit in on a presentation by Ryan Gomez. I've had the opportunity before so I was expecting it to be good. I don't think Ryan knows how to put on a mediocre presentation, its just in his blood now to be a first class presenter every time. I've heard Ryan present before so I was expecting a high quality presentation. My goodness, he has really stepped his game up another notch. It feels like he is speaking to you personally the whole time. And he nailed the topic completely. I can see why he continues to have so much success as a guest presented and speaker. In a very real sense, his presentation was an example of the topic. Everything he does is to the best level he can. The other thing that really stood out to me is that this isn't just a topic for Ryan. This is also his life and how he lives it. He surrounds himself with great people and and I enjoyed the casual conversations in the room between presentations because I was in a room of interesting people. So if you ever get a chance to hear Ryan speak, my advice is jump at it. Ray Keefe Managing Director Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
  • Jason M Baker
    I had heard from quite a number of sources that Ryan Gomez was a gifted public speaker so I attended one of his events with a lot of curiosity.  I found that the reports were conservative in comparison to what I experienced on the night.  I found Ryan to be confident, knowledgeable and extremely approachable both before and after the event and absolutely captivating when in his natural environment behind the mic.  The room remained in a hush the whole time he spoke, except for the laughter at his refreshingly funny jokes, with everyone attentive to his stories and illustrations.  It's easy to see why he won his National championship speaker award as I was compelled to take more than my share of notes throughout this time.  I would gladly attend another of Ryan's speaking events in the future and would strongly recommend his abilities to any business or events organizer wishing to gain an advantage in the market place.
    Jason M Baker
    Managing Direktor, Belief and Leadership Coachh
  • These are very competitive times, it is a challenge to keep ahead of your competition while not spending huge dollars. An economical and very effective model is to directly improve your staffs performance with in-house targeted, coaching and training. When you own a business it is your responsibility to provide the best working environment where staff take pride in your Brand. Ryan Gomez is a dynamic speaker with a fire-brand approach to getting people motivated and focused.  Do yourself and your staff a service by providing a means to get ahead of the competition and stay in the lead. With Ryan on your team get ready for an inspirational experience.    
    ​Nigel Foote
    Creative Producer / Unique Image Creations
  • I finished work early to attend this event as the topics on the brochure looked promising. As I am a businessman who is always looking to better myself and my business, I was quite interested especially in Ryan Gomez topic, on leadership and pursuing goals. I was not disappointed with the positive and encouraging points in preparing your mental disposition while pursuing your goals. I will definitely be organizing Ryan to speak at a gathering of my company employees. As I believe his conviction and belief in his philosophy of the avenue and pathway of success, Will have a positive impact on my employees. which is key in the progress of modern business strategies. I would recommend all business who have a vision to tap into this area of progress.
    Zane Bowen
    Managing Director / Bowen Football club and academy
  • We recently had Ryan Gomez present at our Rotary Club, his presentation was positive, guiding and full of energy. I was also impressed with his style and practical life experiences and how he applied them to motivating speech, I have asked Ryan to come and speak to our sales team in our business.
    Permi Rayat
    Director / Consolidated Insurance Agencies
  • DR Philip Alexander
    I had the privilege of attending a public speaking engagement where I saw Ryan Gomez deliver an inspiring talk on focus, commitment, and mastery. By the end of the talk, I sensed a great energy within myself and the whole room. I could see that he has a gift in mesmerizing people with his words of wisdom. He's also such a humble man and quite down to earth. It was a great honor to meet him. I look forward to seeing more of Ryan's inspiring talks and recommend anyone seeking direction in life to go see this man. His knowledge will change your life.
    DR Philip Alexander
  • Ryan Gomez is one of the most insightful speakers and is a leading authority in Personal Development in Australia today and has had a positive impact on improving my business and life in the areas of success & fulfillment. His speaking events are inspiring, fun, captivating, engaging, uplifting and delivers his message in a deep & meaningful way straight from his heart which is a wonderful combination making any 'host' & 'guest' shine! After attending Ryan's speaking events I have always felt that I have gone on a great holiday & return rejuvenated, refreshed & my backpack equipped with new goals, strategies, tips and tools so I can kick start a new & easier way to navigate through all the cracks of where I am today & where I want to be in all areas of life. I highly recommend everybody to personally experience Ryan!    
    Nicole Saunders
    Business Development Consultant / Scion Social

These are the amazing, inspiring and motivational topics you will get from Ryan’s presentations

  • Conference keynote speeches, to establish a rapport with the audience in order to galvanize them with a strong message on Passion, Purpose, Commitment & Focus
  • Self-development speeches based on motivating the audience to achieve goals
  • Public speaking coaching one-on-one/ workshops
  • After dinner speeches, Ryan will use a lot of humour & Drama to put out a strong message personally
  • Helping youth in schools build on their self-esteem & achieving their dreams
  • Motivating business teams
  • Sales seminars

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Award Winning Speaker

A philosopher, and platform speaker, Ryan Gomez firmly believes “It’s not the circumstance that defines the person you become but rather the choices you make”.

“Excuse me I am climbing my mountain” is his story and he relates it with passion, eloquence and the experience of a lived tale. Here is man who left his homeland to seek fame and fortune, and found it in the toughest arena of them all.

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